4 Pillars of Health

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  • Health
  • Obesity
  • Weight Loss
  • Wt. Management
  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Vitality
  • Longevity
  • Beauty
  • Success
  • Wealth
  • Joy

  • You will find many of the answers to these topics in the book below and the rest of this web site!

    The incidence of degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes including the aging of our bodies have now been unequivocally linked to as much to a poor nutritional practices as to health eroding habits such as pollution, smoking, excessive drinking and lack of adequate exercise... The book below can also be your guide to preventing or minimizing the occurrences of these diseases in your body.

    book-coverThe Importance of Good Nutrition, Herbs and Phytochemicals

     For Your Health, Good 
     Looks and Longevity

      By Getty Ambau

       Dimensions: 6x9 
       Publisher: Falcon Press
       Price: $19.95
       email: getty@gettyambau.com

       Sample Topics You Will Find in this Book

    1. The nutritional basis of obesity, degenerative diseases, and the aging process, and steps you can take to avert or minimize them;
    2.  How the body processes and utilizes the food you eat to give you energy, build and repair tissues, and enhances your physical appearance;
    3. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytochemicals and how they influence your mental and physical well-being, boost your immune system, enhance your sexual drive and fertility, minimize the onset of degenerative diseases, as well as slow the aging process;
    4. The food pyramid and how you may use it to configure your daily meals for maximum health and nourishment;
    5. Herbs, herbal teas and spices and how they may help balance, optimize, strengthen and revitalize tissues and organs as well as the whole body;
    6. Why nutritional supplements--antioxidant vitamins and minerals, herbals and phytochemical--can contribute to your every day living and longevity; and many, many more exciting topics. Get a copy of this book, it will change the way you eat and live for the better.